Monday, May 21, 2018

Craft Fantastic Jewelry from Scrapbook Expo Orlando

Hey ladies, I had the awesome opportunity to go to the local Scrapbook Expo Orlando here in town a few weeks ago.  I had attended both days and on going the second day, arrived at the Craft Fantastic booth to do their Make & Take and found that they are selling, ONLY ON Saturday for ours, this fantastic collection of pieces worth $30 for only $15!! I had purchased the day before and was so amazed at the value of this that I bought it! These are just some of the pieces I made. The Rose images were taken from their Mexican Roses images which the nice lady let me take from the M&T images since she was out of the sheet of images at her booth. The second image is from a sheet also given to me and was used on their double sided butterfly necklace that was not apart of the value bag. Here are more pictures of the bag's contents:
Look at that owl alone!!! I made the earrings immediately and used the images there since I couldn't find the sheet to buy. Here are the jewelry pieces in various colors, but the key ring pieces I did get separately and they were not apart of the bag. This also came with the glass domes for each.
I learned that if you want to remove a piece of paper you have just glued down, to put it under running water and wash with dawn if needed, to remove the paper completely. Then dry it and begin again. Amazing how much we learn when we make mistakes!!! Loads of fun to play with these fun pieces!
You can find shopping pieces online here at Craft Fantastic Kit of the month or Craft Fantastic
I am not paid for this article but thought you would like to know this fun company.



  1. These are fabulous, the jewelry is so pretty and so fun to make your own. Thank you so much for joining us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. Hugs, Sandra

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