Monday, July 15, 2013

Elegant Stationary set

This is a set of cards that I really needed to put together, and have already used 2 of them, so they are not pictured here. The Pattern Paper is by Kaisercraft  Secret Admirer line, and I used First Love.  I used Splash of Color, aka Creative Imaginations, Viva Pens in Champaign German Glitter, and Black Pearl Pen, as well.  Love these and they are a must have! Other supplies are from my stash. Love how quick and easy these came together! Enjoy!
Sarah Hamer Designs, Link up Tuesday Challenge


  1. Your stationary sets look so beautifully detailed and intricate. I am trying to find beautiful stationary to use for the purpose of corresponding with my mother in America, by hand. Have you got suggestions for me on ways to create something like what you are doing, only level one beautiful. I am just not that much of a creative guy. My wife does stuff like to are doing, but I just cane figure out how to get something going or finished. So please, give me some starting points, or sell me a set of unique cards. Would you like to design, create and sell me a custom set of say 25 cards at a cost of maybe between KRW 2,500 and KRW 5,000 per card, depending on the level of detail? If you are interested in helping me out by creating something unique for me that would be awesome, just let me know. My email address is What the theme is that I would be looking for is centered around "new beginnings" and "mother/son" relationship building. Regardless, I love your work. It is beautiful. Keep it up.
    Benjamin Schwartz