Friday, November 19, 2010

Scarlet Lime Watch Art

I just received these watch bands from Scarlett Lime Bead Art, and wanted to tell you how beautiful and easy they are to do. She has wonderful tutorials online which was very easy to follow. I must admit, I wanted these for Christmas presents for certain special persons I love and adore. But, now I can't decide if I can give any of them away. These will be really neat to wear during the festivities during the upcoming holidays! Now, go see their website for yourself, and see if you don't fall in love.
There is a Dainty line, necklaces, different watch faces, as well.
So much for shopping early, huh?
Also, see the Imaginise blog for wonderful giveaways using the Enchanted line, this week! .


  1. my mom would love one of these for Christmas

  2. Personally, I am going to have trouble giving them away!!! They were easy to put together and I highly recommend this company! Ask me any questions if you want to know more. I am not on comission or anything! Just a consumer!