Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Barn in Lake Alfred, Florida

I love going to Lake Alfred with girlfriends! Today was one of those days!! A group of new friends from my church, and I, drove out to Lake Alfred, which is about 30 miles away, to visit The Barn and Season Shop, and Stable Decor.  It basically is 3 stores, a restaurant, and garden center, full of fun things!  The antiques are from England and France, and the decor shop is just that exactly, as well as Brighton and other jewelry.  I love the Season's Shop the most because of their beautiful decorations for the upcoming holidays.  They had several ideas of using burlap, plain and stamped but my purchase was 2 spools of their 12 inch wide mesh.  It can be seen used in red on the white hutch, in the 3rd photo, from the top.  So sorry my pics were blurry!!! :( 
  I purchased the mesh in green with tinsel, as well as a green and red stripe. Can't wait till after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas!! :)
Hope you too are enjoying this wonderful cool fall weather like we are having here in Florida!!
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  1. I have been to the barn in Lake Alfred with my parents who live in Auburndale! What part do you live in?? I am moving to the east coast of Florida in a month or so! Have a blessed day and thanks for posting! Kathi