Friday, August 12, 2011

New Orleans French Quarter and Market

This Joan of Ark statue is at the entrance of the French Market in New Orleans.

The Central Grocery Store has the best Muffuletta in town, but very little seating so be forewarned! At $14.50 for a whole one, it fed all five of us!!

Here is my portion. It was delicious with the olive salad spread on before layering it with all the meats and mozzarella cheese.

The kids at the counter eating...very tight but worth it for the yummy Muffuletta, and air conditioning!!

Cool car we noticed while walking through the French Quarter. It was painted for Sailor Jerry liquior, just parked on one of the side streets!

Finally, the kids take a break in the alcoves down one of the side streets. Real life! Well, hope you enjoyed my photos from our trip and I will post the layout another time.


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