Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Starts with Goals

Above ad for Hobby Lobby.

Well, Happy New Year and hoping everyone is having a great one! Here are the coupons for this week, and I know the Christmas/holiday sales are underway, so good luck with your shopping. I am one not to over purchase so that I have just enough to store till next year. My Christmas handmade cards didn't go out this year but I hope to get a jump on next year if I start now and get them all made.

As for my goals this year, I am hoping to work more (with pay), crop more, and have more time to fellowship with the people that uplift my life! One vacation is already planned to New Orleans with all the kids in tow! As well as I am hoping to get my middle son out for a special trip for him. He is so busy, he hasn't had time to go since he graduated 2 yrs ago!!! That's just not good. We just want to go somewhere fun (for him and us), and not overseas, so as to keep the expenses down. Any ideas would be appreciated!

In the meantime, I hope to post more of my projects. I tend to just give them away too fast, without photos to post. Will try to do better this year.

Have a great week,


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